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Smart Lighting
Smart Lighting


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Tondo City

Lights up the city with complete visibility and energy efficiency. It allows you to manage and control neighborhoods and street lamps from a single interface and gain useable data to provide better service and results. Smart Lighting is the new Internet of Light.

Tondo Indoor

The world 1st wireless DALI master enables quick and affordable smartly controlled and managed office buildings, industrial sites, and business centers. With minimal to no cabling, deployment is easy, and connectivity is guaranteed.

End-to-End Solution

Tondo’s technology turns any fixture into a data source, wirelessly. Tondo’s uniqueness lies in its cross-board solution, containing the world’s smallest wireless hardware chip, a cloud-based management platform, and an innovative mobile application. Supporting a vast amount of communication standards, Tondo is viable to practically all sites and spaces.

Its sophisticated analytical tools allow you to gain unprecedented access to valuable information and insights such as geographical installation base, usage habits, light performance predictive maintenance, and much more.

By securely connecting your entire lighting network, Tondo enables spreading out of lighting scenarios, both by a predefined scheduled plan and by real-time inputs of various types of sensors.

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Gain your manufacturing edge with us:

Boost Sales

Expand into new regions via a geographical installation map, identify upsell opportunities, leverage lighting fixture originality, integrate in IoT projects, and more.

Improve Operations

Identify usage habits and purchasing patterns to optimize design and manufacturing, improve logistics and enhance customer service and warranty plans.

Broaden Portfolio

Exploit innovative technology and IoT applications to offer more solutions. Maintain originality through unsurpassed lighting fixture design.

Engage Users

Contact your client base directly to make your brand recognizable and to make exclusive offers.

Empower your clients

Offer your clients the tools to fulfill their architectural dreams and functional aspirations. With the enterprise-grade Tondo Management Platform (TMP) you can propose:

light management

Light performance management

rich preset and customized scenarios, energy saving capabilities, automation, predictive maintenance, and more.

light design

Light design

creative light design with multi-dimming, Kelvin and RGB dynamic lighting control, interior and exterior scenarios, and other programmable options.

Fast & affordable implementation

wireless DALI for quick and low-cost deployment, DALI master with up to 16 slaves, integration with sensors, banishing the On/Off switch, and more

end user


notifications, fixture clustering control, scheduling, lighting adjustments and remote access via web or app.

Complete control and user experience



tondo human centric light


security tondo lock


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