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We believe that in a truly connected world
all ends must meet.

Our Vision

We believe that in a truly connected world all ends must meet. Functionality must meet human needs. Complex technology must meet simplicity and user-friendliness. Traditional craftsmanship must meet future ideas and experiences. This is the cornerstone of our vision and the essence of our name.

About NCG:

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Tondo is a pioneering and fast-growing connected lighting solution provider. With our innovative IoT technology, we help lighting brands and lighting fixture manufacturers to take advantage of a new, previously inaccessible set of features, and enrich them with information and insights to further promote their businesses.

Our team brings together an extraordinary mix of keen lighting professionals and cloud-computing savvy technologists, specializing in IoT analytics, sensor/device interfaces, M2M interconnections, mobile application integration and data security.

We do things differently, so you could stand out.

Tondo Circle

Our connected and all-around approach leads us to develop capabilities to be leveraged by all parties: manufacturers, architects, consultants, engineers, installers and users.

Through advanced wireless configuration capabilities, a backend cloud management platform, a frontend control interface, and a fully-fledged mobile app for convenient settings and control, we empower all stakeholders with topnotch tools and a superb experience.

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