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Tondo Smart Lighting Module

Tondo’s Smart Lighting Module (SLM) is the heart of an open and flexible platform that connects lighting, sensors, and applications to your smart city or building network. Easy to install and operate, the Tondo SLM enables unified management, monitoring and control making it easy for you to create a smart, connected, safe and energy-efficient environment
Tondo’s SLM makes any lighting fixture smart and connected so you can: Remotely control and monitor the power and dimming level of any streetlight (DALI, 0-10, 1-10, relay); one by one or thousands at a time. Integrate a wide array of sensors and devices to deliver adaptive lighting that is comfortable, safe and energy-efficient.


  • Automatic commissioning detects drivers and sensors with zero-touch MESH capabilities for increased reception and quicker distribution of data.
  • Automatic cloud registration delivers real-time technician notifications via app or text
  • Plug & Play masterpiece any fixture, any sensor, any network
  • A powerful edge computing device
  • Bluetooth mesh delivers reliability and cost savings
  • Build-in GPS, daylight sensor, and accelerometer
  • Always ready capabilities deliver resilient offline performance
  • End-to-end secure platform with dedicated hardware encryption

Form Factors

Tondo’s SLM solution adapts to the needs of the installation environment and deployment team. Upgrade existing infrastructure or specify it in new installs.

  • NEMA socket Plug-and-play upgrade for lamps with compatible 7 and 5 pin (ANSI C136.41) and 3 pin (ANSI C136.10) NEMA sockets
  • ZHAGA socket Plug-and-play upgrade for lamps with compatible 4-pin Zhaga Book 18 socket
  • Field-wired connection Any existing fixture can be upgraded in the field with a direct-wire installation – embedded in the fixture, inside the pole, or on the pole
  • Embedded in the fixture Embedded capabilities direct from the manufacturer with no impact on the lamp’s design aesthetics


  • CellularLTE Cat M1 & Cat NB1 & EGPRS,soldered or socketed SIM
  • LoRaWANEU433, US902-928, EU863-870
  • Integrated PCB mounted antennas
  • Bluetooth 5.0Beacon services, BT Mesh, local OOB configuration, and diagnostics


  • DALI/DALI2 control as Master (integrated DALI power supply supports up to 6 LED drivers) or Slave
  • 0-10V (IEC 60929 Annex E, ANSI C82.11), 1-10Vand 10-0V dimming – dynamically configurable, sinks up to 5mA
  • Linear and Logarithmic dimming
  • Integrated relay, maximum switching load 10 Amps


Tondo Central Management System

Secure connected lighting management platform

Control Dashboards

Enable manage, monitor and control your lighting from anywhere

Mobile Technician App

The mobile technician support application allows service and maintenance from the ground. direct BLE connectivity in every module, and automated deployment wizards.

Data Export and Analysis

Export data to other systems for real-time analysis through an online geographical interface linked to the analysis system.

Cloud Installation

Work with the default Tondo cloud to store your data, or use your own private cloud on Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson or Google GCP.

Open API

For an easy and independent connection to any existing and future solution in the world of IoT.


The backend system is protected using the latest SSL protocols, ensuring full protection, whilst enabling granular permission management for maximum security.

CMS can easily analyze situations and send alerts according to predefined user needs, providing cost savings and ramping up compliance with utility management policies.

  • > Interactive map interface
  • > Monitor light and sensor points
  • > Set schedules and manage policies
  • > Adjust light levels on demand
  • > See alerts and events
  • > Integrates with and ticketing system

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