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Discover how our wireless solution can propel your lighting fixtures into the age of IoT


Tondo Wireless Control

TWC is a compact wireless lighting control module with the most advanced features of its kind in the IoT world. In addition to standard light control functions, its unique control port can be configured as a DALI Master or as an analog output for 0-10V and 1-10V light assemblies.
TWC is compatible with existing technology, eliminating the need for costly and unnecessary rewiring, and making integration and usage extremely simple and affordable.
We are confident that our solution will transform the future of powerline layout planning for lighting, and render manual switches obsolete.

Technical Facts

tondo chip size

  • Dimensions: small form-factor of 55*45*30 mm
  • Installable in various locations in addition to inside the lighting fixture
  • Current: 2A
  • Voltage: 85-240 VAC
  • On/off: the card is used as an on/off switch.

tondo chip size

Transmission Capabilities

tondo device

  • TWC comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communication capabilities – BLE 5.0 and IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz. Optional built-in MESH capabilities for increased reception and quicker distribution of data.
  • Optional built-in mesh capabilities for increased reception and quicker distribution of the data. Standard router connectivity, with no need for an additional hub or a gateway.
  • The multi-protocol transmission mechanism affords the end-user effortless installation and continuous connectivity when the internet is down.
  • Standard router connectivity, with no need for an additional hub or gateway.
  • A simple implementation of other transmission methods, such as GSM, RF, and more.

tondo device


tech firmware

  • Unique identifier per module, with advanced security and encryption mechanisms
  • FOTA (firmware over the air) facilitating remote repairs and the MQTT (message queue telemetry transport) messaging protocol for two-way transmission, immediate response capability
  • DALI Master: controls up to 16 DALI slaves
  • Supports DALI 1.X and DALI 2.X

tech firmware


tech device manage

  • Includes additional I2C connectivity, built-in slots connectable to various types of sensors, motion sensing, lux-measurement, and more.
  • Via the cloud, technology is connectable to a variety of wireless sensors and IoT solutions.
  • The TWC card interfaces with other systems to measure power consumption and supports connectivity to Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • The Open API enables connection to any existing and future solution in the world of IoT.

tech device manage


Tondo Management Platform

TMP is a reliable and secure management system with highly advanced analytical capabilities designed to support an unlimited number of light fixtures simultaneously.


Control Dashboards

An advanced and configurable set of administration and user permissions, as well as centralized management of groups and sites around the world.


Easy customization for different user types and groups, and the flexibility to meet specific needs, while reducing costs and centralizing data aggregation.

Data Export and Analysis

Export data to other systems for real-time analysis through an online geographical interface linked to the analysis system.

Cloud Installation

Work with the default Tondo cloud to store your data, or use your own private cloud on Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson or Google GCP.

Open API

For an easy and independent connection to any existing and future solution in the world of IoT.


The backend system is protected using the latest SSL protocols, ensuring full protection, whilst enabling granular permission management for maximum security.

TMP can easily analyze situations and send alerts according to predefined user needs, providing cost savings and ramping up compliance with utility management policies.

TMP’s invaluable data generation paves the way for revolutionary business models and is a robust engine of future growth and sustainability for advanced brands.

tondo management system

Mobile App

Our app offers a super friendly user-experience in a highly secure operating environment.

Our innovation improves DALI significantly by eliminating superfluous controls traditionally implemented by means of external hardware and software. Now, all DALI settings are configured automatically and effortlessly via a single app.

Site management

  • Advanced access authorization system
  • Centralized management of multiple sites and different groups within each site

Lighting control

  • Automated scenarios, conditional scenarios and automatic notification
  • RGB, KELVIN tones and dimming control

User experience

  • Extensive and extremely user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with IoS, Android, cellular and tablet

Your brand presence

  • Your logo and image of lighting fixtures appear on all the relevant screens
  • Alternatively, the entire app can be your own branded app

tondo app

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