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Connect your city to new opportunities

Cities all over the world replace millions of street-lights to smart-connected LED technology to save millions of dollars in the city’s electricity expenses. Analysts forecast that in the coming years, hundreds of millions of streetlights will be replaced with LED-powered smart lighting technology thus becoming one of the greatest sources of energy savings, operational cost reductions related to predictive maintenance.
The smart street lighting IoT network is also used to connect additional sensors and devices enabling additional smart-city scenarios. The connection to sensors turns the street lighting to a center of data and control. Sensors promote the municipality management to smart data-driven management and make it more efficient and service-oriented.

End-to-end lighting solution

Tondo is an end-to-end lighting control solution, which includes both a back-end system that gathers data and an end-user friendly interface in the form of a dashboard and a technician application.

Site management

    • Automatic ON/OFF and Dimming
    • Adaptive lighting scenarios adjusted to city needs
    • Remote and centralized control for all the city lighting, street, and industrial un one system

User friendly interfaces for the city

    • CMS Dashboard
    • Technician App
    • Device management


    • Supports any driver – DALI, 0-10V, 1-10V, On/Off
    • Supports any interface – ANSI 136.10, ANSI 136.41, Zhaga, Direct Connect
    • Communications flexibility – NB-IoT, CAT-M1, LoRa Mesh, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, BLE.

Quick Deployment and Maintenance

    • Easy and intuitive to install, deploy and handle
    • LoRa wireless communication, combined with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) communication for quick and hassle-free deployment.

Open API

  • For easy and independent connection to any existing and future system the city use.


  • Tondo has a state-of-the-art security model to save the city secure.

  • The system provides security layers by design

  • Each connected product includes security

Connection to Sensors

Turn lighting poles to data & control center of the city

Lighting is the most common fixture, always connected to electricity as such Tondo’s connection to various types of sensors – can enrich the city data and be a base of a better resource’s management and improvement of citizen wealth.

Sensors are used to improve daily life in the city and to improve municipality reactions during exceptional events. On routine days, sensors on lighting poles will be used for data collection and analytics, monitoring and adjusting lighting and other resources to the city needs.
During exceptional events, sensors will be used for creating alerts, turning on cameras and sending messages to the relevant authorities or residents.




TMP offers:

Environmental sensors

Enabling the monitoring of air pollution, noise levels, and environmental hazards, to offer alerts in real-time and monitor data over time. (Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric pressure, Sound level, etc)

Traffic and site sensors

Enable to count people, vehicles, containers, and virtually any object. Help the municipality adjust light intensity to the traffic load and save resources. The sensors enable, also, to identify Parking spaces and malfunctions automatically and in react real-time.

Auxiliary outlet wedge

To control external lights as an integral part of the lighting ecosystem. It can be used, for example, for holiday lighting.

Tondo’s smart lighting solution opens up a world of opportunities to make your city truly smart. The Tondo lighting solution delivers fast installation and easy yet comprehensive control over your lighting utilities. But this is just the beginning.

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