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Turn your Street Lights into Strategic Assets

of Networks


Tondo transforming every streetlight into an IoT Edge Gateway.
Each Tondo supports a local network of sensors and controls that become part of a vast Tondo powered smart city network of networks.

With Tondo, each fixture becomes the hub of a network, where lighting works hand in hand with sensors and controls – used in new and advanced ways.


The best technology in the world will fail if it is complex to understand, configure or use.
At Tondo, we are working tirelessly to make smart lighting technology simple for manufacturers, for designers, for installers, and for users.

Our solution includes everything you need to bring smart lighting solutions to the market. No development of integration work on your part.


Autodetects all driver and fixture types • Automatic GPS geolocation • Intelligent profiling


Hardware, software, and services • Ready to run • Customize your own turnkey solutions


Any fixture, any sensor, any network • Expand and adapt to meet ever-changing needs • Bluetooth management from any phone

Energy Saving

Over the next few years, millions of conventional streetlights will be replaced with smart LEDs, helping cities take control and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Tondo enables the reduction of energy consumption by dimming and adaptive scheduling, sensor integration, automated presets and other means of control to execute energy policy:

  • Aligning with green regulations and standards
  • Cutting electricity bills
  • Lowering maintenance costs
  • Integrating motion detectors and sensors for cost savings



The Tondo solution is based on cutting edge security principles and was developed by a group of experienced computer security professionals.

The security approach consists of multiple protection circles – employing state-of-the-art tools.
Security keys are protected using a combination of hardware and software encryption mechanisms.
The transport channel is encrypted using the latest TLS encryption standards, ensuring total privacy.
The backend system is protected using the latest SSL protocols, ensuring full protection, whilst enabling granular permission management for maximum security. The cloud backend platforms enable saving the data in the customers’ own private cloud, enabling high security and the ability to securely integrate enterprise systems.


End-to-End Solution

  • We deliver a complete end-to-end solution that’s ready to run. Combine our solution with your light fixtures and you are good to go. Nothing else to do.
  • Industry-standard DALI sensors are a plug and play simple way move your smart lighting offerings from control to smart, safe and clean city.
  • The Tondo central management system is a cloud-based platform that provides the backbone of communication, management, and control for the Tondo solution.


The world is changing at a fast pace and technology is advancing at an exponential rate. In such a world, tondo offers you an open and flexible technology that supports standard protocols to meet the needs of the future and communicate with other technologies.

  • Works with every fixture
  • Install-on-demand – Build into fixtures, install at the distributor, & field install
  • Plug and play reconfigurability – Built-in DALI Master and Bluetooth, Industry-standard sensors and controls
  • Open API- to communicate with other systems

Experience our technology first hand

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