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Delivering New Lighting Possibilities

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Make your lighting fixtures more inspirational and more impressive by embedding your unique lighting effects in them.

The world is changing, technology is evolving at an exponential pace and the world of lighting is part of this revolution. Billions of light points will be installed in the next few years. Many of these will be smart and connected. This connectivity between users, machines & manufactures is changing expectations and economics. Products are becoming services and they are creating massive streams of data. This trend expands to all segments: residential homes, logistics centers, retail stores, hospitals, and public buildings.

The benefits range from energy savings and operational efficiency to health and human-centric benefits. Today’s lighting consumers are looking for connectivity, intelligence, and scale. Tondo goes hand in hand with you to meet your needs and client needs.

With your original-design lighting effects and performance easily integrated into any connected lighting fixture, you can expand your creativity and enhance your technical fixture design to create a whole new lighting experience. Future effects can be launched instantly and remotely to interact with clients and designers, keeping your brands alive and always foremost in their minds.

Orchestrate numerous lighting fixtures with featured effects to put on a live and immersive light show in interior and exterior spaces, and make it your proprietary creation to protect it from copycats.

Wireless DALI

The Tondo Standard

Unlike traditional DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) architecture, Tondo Wireless Control (TWC) incorporates wireless transmission methods, achieving DALI standardization more cheaply and simply, and making its deployment far quicker and automated.
With its wireless characteristics, TWC eliminates wiring and tedious configurations. All configurations are executed in real time, instantly and simply. Rule-based lighting scenarios can be set via the TMP (Tondo Management Platform) or the mobile app, by the clients themselves.
tondo wireless dali imt

Making IoT happen

With more and more objects and machines demonstrating interoperability and interactivity with users, we can put you at the forefront of lighting control technology, integration, and data analytics for the ultimate experience.
Our IoT approach opens your business to new opportunities and propositions:


with sensors and other IoT systems to provide a full-scale IoT experience.

user experience

lighting automation, customization, and complete control from the mobile app, sending the on/off switch to oblivion, and much more.

Analytics and business Insights

to leverage product design, the production process, logistics, business development, and overall decision-making.

Human Centric
Light leap

With its conscious and subconscious impact on our cognition and mental states, Human Centric Light (HCL) underpins lighting designs that benefit people in the environs, making them feel more engaged and energetic, and enhancing their performance.

The HCL vision is implemented in our technology in a highly adaptable manner.
Our sophisticated solution allows adjustable and automated lighting changes according to the time of day, sunrise and sunset, sensor indications, personal preferences and other input sources, allowing people to be at their best at all times.

tondo human centric


The Tondo solution is based on cutting edge security principles and was developed by a group of experienced computer security professionals.

The security approach consists of multiple protection circles – employing state-of-the-art tools.
Security keys are protected using a combination of hardware and software encryption mechanisms.
The transport channel is encrypted using the latest TLS encryption standards, ensuring total privacy.
The backend system is protected using the latest SSL protocols, ensuring full protection, whilst enabling granular permission management for maximum security. The cloud backend platforms enable saving the data in the customers’ own private cloud, enabling high security and the ability to securely integrate enterprise systems.



Over the next few years, millions of conventional streetlights will be replaced with smart LEDs, helping cities take control and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs

  • Wireless, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for easier than ever installation, configuration and further deployment.
  • Open API interface supporting easy integration with other IoT systems and business software (such as CRM or ERP), etc.
  • Built-in sensors through the I2C connection, such as motion sensors, Lux measurement sensors, temperature sensors, and more.
  • Third party sensor integration via the cloud: voice assistant devices (Alexa, Google Assistant), motion sensors, power meters, etc.
tondo connect wireless

Energy Efficiency

Energy saving attributes allow you to stay ahead of competition and offer a compelling proposition to commercial clients, in both private and public sector tenders.

Energy-saving features allow you to stay ahead of the competition and to offer a compelling proposition to commercial clients, in both private and public sector tenders. Tondo enables the reduction of energy consumption by adaptive scheduling, sensor integration, automated presets and other means of control to execute energy policy:

  • Aligning with green regulations and standards
  • Cutting electricity bills
  • Lowering maintenance costs
  • Integrating motion detectors and sensors for cost savings

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